We Provide These Details For Your Use.
We hope that you find the drawings are useful during the creation of your contract documents.

Contract Prints Made Easier

Feel free to use, edit, copy or share these drawings with complete freedom. And certainly, include them as part of your printed contract documents.

The example shows a typical Sanitary Manhole drawing. You will find standard information displayed. Simply attach the detail to your contract print. Erase any information not applicable to your particular job. Make any necessary changes and add any information you feel is important.

The drawings are saved in AutoCAD 2000 (DWG) and Adobe Acrobat v5.0 (PDF) formats. They are also available, upon request, in DXF format. The text file is saved in MS Word (DOC) format. It is a Typical Manhole Specification.

Storm Inlets, Outlet Structures and Chambers

Box Culverts

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